I can still not forget the day. It was the judgement day – the one which would decide my future career path. The results were out and my heart sunk. After all, it was the dreaded entrance examination for the post graduation course. My first competitive exam after graduation,it had been like 4 years or so, and here I was with a 33 percentile (not percent!). I was heartbroken. But I still had hope on the other entrance tests. I guess why not the better if not the best! But then when luck is not on your side, everything has to go against you! The other results were below par to say the least.

Continuing in the current workplace wasn’t that bad. I was learning and excelling. But I wanted a career boost; something that would really help me excel in whatever I do. Following the results, the reality sunk in. Another year down the drain. Considering the typical middle class situation, I really didn’t know whether  or not to give another shot. My goal seemed to be fading away from me. That’s when I read an inspirtational book. Something that made me realise, no matter what happens never give up! Try till you achieve your dream. You may need to work hard, lose some sleep but in the end with proper planning and determination, you can achieve the unthinkable.

So, I started next day with a plan. A two word plan – “Be optimistic!” and it changed things a lot. Not just within me but also around me. I was allocated to a new project where I got to lead a team for some months. I was put in a morning shift (unlike the earlier one where I worked 14 hours 24×7) which meant I had the entire day with me to study. The exam dates arrived and I appeared 4 management entrance exams. Now came the most difficult part of it – the wait.Finally the results season arrived. Exam one – 92.7 (good but not great). Exam two – 98.** (great but not awesome). Exam 3 – (96.**). I was as if was back to square one. The last exam results got postponed and suddenly one day while I was at my desk, my phone vibrates. I look at an email with the subject congratulations. I ignore it assuming it to be one of the email scams :P. Suddenly, my friend calls up and says the Exam 4 results are out. Thats when I recheck the email “Congratulations, you have been shortlisted for the Post graduation program at our institution”. The score 99.**. I had finally managed to achieve the elusive goal!

The purpose of sharing this small part of my life is simple – many people give up on their dreams thinking they can’t achieve it. But remember as someone has rightly said “The darkest hour is before the dawn!”.